Superprem Tools

Diamond Tools are Superprem’s roots, and as we’ve grown they have remained the heart of our business. We believe in providing our customers with the products they need to get their job done, and Superprem Tools is how we give our partners a consistent supply that they can rely on. 

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Pearl Home Products

PEARL is a premier manufacturer and distributor of designer sinks, faucets, and other household fixtures. With over 12 years of experience focused on developing remarkable and functional products, Pearl provides excellent service and support for all customers.

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Kato Sinks and Faucets

Simple, classic and reliable, Kato sinks and faucets are meant for an easy, streamlined product distribution to our clients. They represent a quick turnkey solution for those who do not want to complicate their business offering for plumbing products but want quality and affordable options nonetheless. 

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Kruger Appliances

Engineering is at the heart of Kruger electrical appliances. We are constantly improving our designs to bring industry leading designs to our clients, making Kruger a brand that our partners can trust. We have models to match any design style, making Kruger a perfect fit for any home.