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The team behind the best-selling diamond tools in Canada!

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From All Over The World

Over a decade of successful business relationships with suppliers from all over the world gives us exclusive pricing and product selection.

Effective Distribution

Our regional offices and warehouses always keep things in stock to meet your construction and fabrication needs.

Innovative Tooling

Our tools are designed to utilize the latest fabrication techniques in the industry. Improving their performance, effectiveness, and feasibility.

Environmentally Conscious

We operate with a strong regard to our environment. It is our mandate to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint.

Woody Chiang

A Mile in your shoes

We work together with our clients to see where their market is taking them. Without our customers we wouldn’t be here, so we value their direction as our own. It make us continually strive to be better so we can provide the best service, personalized to each client, tailored to fit their niche.

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Quality Assurance

Our in-house quality assurance team ensures that every product is carefully inspected before it leaves our warehouse.

Largest Selection

We currently offer over 1200+ products originate from Italy, Germany, Korea, and China for both masonry fabrication and construction.

National Warehouses

Our warehouses are always operating at 95% capacity to ensure minimum inventory levels and your ease of access.

Logistic Network

We span across Canada in three major cities, each location services the adjacent provincial region. Making sure that no one is left behind.

Agile & Versatile

With a flexible delivery network and a wide vareity of products, we are confident that you will find everything you need, no matter when and where you need it.

User-Oriented Concepts

We strive to provide our customers with tools of the best durability, performance, and usability. As well as the newest designs from all over the world.

Trusted Leadership

Leading by example, Superpem has been a family owned business from the beginning, with an open mind for ideas and concepts for a versatile business structure.

Renown Brands

Our brands have a minimum required market record that must be met prior to being released to our customers. An untarnished brand is vital to building trust and assurance.

Amazing Support

Our in-house Customer Support Team has over 50 years of combined industry experience. They work diligently with our Quality Assurance Team to ensure your complete satisfaction.

17 Years

800 Clients

1200 Products

43999 Served

What Our Customers Say

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